Sunography Cotton Fabric, for Solar Powered Photography

£9.75 incl tax

Sunography Fabric for Solar Powered Photography

Just pace and object or film transparency on the fabric, expose in bright sunlight, and rinse withy water ro reveal a rich blue print on coloured fabric.

Six coloured, 100% cotton squares enclosed are light sensitive on both sides to make finly detailed two sided prints.

Sunlight sensitive material was a forerunner of modern photographic processes. This type of print( called a cyanotype ) dates back to 1842.

Six 6x6" (15.2x15.2 cm ) coloured squares enclosed, (green,orange,rose,violet and white) all on superior quality 100% cotton fabric, each square printable on both sides,image is a rich Prussian blue colour when exposed,easy to tint or stitch over, instructions enclosede.

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