DSLR and MFT Body Cap Conversion

£35.00 incl tax

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, just send your body cap to us, with a cheque made payable to P & L Solutions, and we will fit the appropriate size pinhole lens and supply a dial calculator for just £35 and return, completed, within a week. 

We can also supply Micro 4 Thirds body caps with a Pinhole lens at the same price., MFT cameras are well suited for this and the f number is about 180 with a 0.2 mm lens. If you wish to order please do it, and confirm by email that you want the MFT pinhole lens conversion.


Or you can pay on line, then send your DSLR body cap to us to fit the pinhole lens. 

If you want the MFT conversion only, please confirm by email. Many Thanks

Please post to

26 Havant Road,Hayling Island,PO11 0PX


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