The Stenoflex

£20.00 incl tax

The Stenoflex is a complete pinhole camera kit in a box.

The cardboard box functions as the camera. Inside you will find 10 sheets of photographic paper (about 3.5 inches/9 cm square), a red 
safelight filter so you can set up your own darkroom, developer and fixer with full instructions.

In a dark room, remove one of the photographic sheets from the lightproof bag, and place it in position in the holder inside the camera. You then close the camera, and you are ready to take a picture. 
The 'hand' at one side of the box functions as the shutter - when you pull the hand, the pinhole slides into position, and the photographic film is exposed to the light. Once you have taken the picture, slide the hand back, and you close the pinhole shutter. On a sunny day, 20 seconds will be sufficient for a correct exposure. On an overcast day, you might need an exposure as long as 40 seconds. Then it is back to the darkroom!
You will need to add water to dissolve the crystals of developer and fixer. In the darkroom, remove the exposed photograph from the camera and place it in the developer. You will see the image appear. Once the image has developed fully, approx 2 minutes, transfer the picture to the fixer. After the picture has been fixed, 2 minutes, you then rinse it and allow it to dry.
Your image will of course be a black and white negative. There are two ways of creating a positive image. You can either scan the image into your computer and use imaging software to reverse the picture, to give you a positive. Or you can place the negative on top of a fresh piece of photographic film, turn on the light for a few seconds, and then develop the print that you have created. This contact print will now be the right way round. If the image is to dark, shorten the exposure or too light make it longer .

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